What is Quartz Carpet and how is it applied?

Quartz Carpet is a flooring system made using naturally tumbled alluvial stone, imported from Europe. It is mixed on site with specially developed resins and troweled by hand to a 6mm thickness creating a seamless surface.

A certain company advertises on the internet that their floor system “includes a Protective Topcoat”. How does this system differ from your Quartz Carpet system?

Firstly, avoid using any company’s flooring product that advertises this very misleading information. The biggest difference is in the overall quality, price difference and longevity between these products.

Our External Quartz Carpet system comprises of quartz stone mixed with Aliphatic Polyurethane which is by the nature of its chemical generic 100% UV stable. A company that advertises “Including a Protective Topcoat” is only doing so because it uses an Epoxy Binder with the stone instead of a Polyurethane Binder because it is much cheaper.

The problems with using Epoxy Binders externally are many and huge and almost always lead to catastrophic floor failure. The problems associated with using a “Protective Sealer” over a floor are that the resin chalks, streaky lines will appear in the floor after a few months, the floor will always go yellow as Epoxy yellows on exposure to sunlight regardless of whether it has a “Protective Sealer” coat over it, it starts to break up as Epoxies go brittle on UV exposure unlike Polyurethanes that have more flexibility and can handle freeze thaw conditions.

Do the stones feel sharp when you walk on them?

The stones are naturally tumbled and rounded. They have no sharp edges, chips or fissures as a result of this natural process. When you walk on Quartz Carpet, it is smooth underfoot.

Is Quartz Carpet cold underfoot?

Quartz Carpet is warmer than tiles and has the same ambient temperature as the air.  This is due to the small pockets of air trapped between the stones of the flooring system.

Can Quartz Carpet be used with under-floor heating?

The Quartz Carpet stone flooring system is completely under-floor heating compliant.

How durable is Quartz Carpet?

Quartz Carpet is extremely durable. It measures 8 on the Measure of Hardness scale (MOH), where a diamond measures 10. Quartz Carpet floors are impact and scratch resistant.

What about the South African climate?

Our resins are specifically developed for the harsh UV rays of our African climate as well as daily wear and tear.

Is Quartz Carpet slippery underfoot?

Quartz Carpet is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) for its slip-resistant surface properties. It is an ideal flooring system for pool surrounds, patios, showers, ramps and walkways.

Can I use it around my pool?

Quartz Carpet is an ideal flooring system for pool surrounds and outdoor areas as it is slip-resistant, durable and UV stable. Our floors carry a warranty not to yellow over time.

Can I use it in my braai/entertainment area?

Quartz Carpet can be used throughout your entertainment areas. It can flow from your internal living area onto your patio/braai area.  It is especially suitable for entertainment areas due to its stain resistant properties and the fact that it is easy to clean.

Can I use Quartz Carpet in my shower?

Yes – Quartz Carpet is hygienic and has passed international hygienic standards tests. It is slip-resistant and smooth underfoot, and can create an uninterrupted flow from the bathroom floor into the shower.

Can it go on walls and stairs?

Quartz Carpet stone flooring system can be installed vertically and on staircases. To prevent wear on the edge of the step, an aluminium trim is installed.

Can you create patterns and logos?

Quartz Carpet can incorporate patterns, corporate logos and colour changes across the floor. Special formable trims are used to create the shape of the desired pattern and separate colours,  while special “cut-outs” are used for logos. Logos can be colour matched.

Is Quartz Carpet stain-resistant?

Pore-Filled Quartz Carpet is ideal for kitchens due to its stain-resistant properties.

What is the difference between the Internal and External Quartz Carpet systems?

The Quartz Carpet external system has been specifically developed to be UV stable and will not yellow through exposure to the sun.

Why is Quartz Carpet more expensive per square meter than some of the other seamless stone flooring systems available in South Africa?

Quartz Carpet is a premium flooring product that is available in over 50 countries worldwide and on every continent. It is tried and tested and has been in the market for over 40 years worldwide. The production methods used in the Quartz Carpet system adhere to the highest quality standards and the components are all manufactured and processed in ISO:9001 International Certified plants plants both locally and in Europe.

The stone plant in Belgium is also ISO:14001 certified for effective Environmental Management Systems being adopted and practiced. Only the highest quality raw materials are used when manufacturing the components for the Quartz Carpet flooring system.

What you will have when you install a Quartz Carpet floor is piece of mind that you have ordered a quality floor that will remain beautiful, retain its rich colour and last for many years to come with excellent after sales service on hand should you require it.

Can I do DIY Application of Quartz Carpet?

Quartz Carpet may only be installed by approved applicators.

How long does it take to install and when can I walk on it?

Depending on the size and specification of the job, approximately 100m2 can be laid per day.  This would incorporate one day of preparation and priming, followed by a second day of screeding. A Quartz Carpet stone flooring system is generally ready for foot traffic within 24 hours.

Can it be laid over my existing floor?

Yes, provided your current floor has no movement or structural faults, Quartz Carpet can be troweled on top of it. An applicator would be able to assess if your flooring surface is suitable to have Quartz Carpet applied over it. Quartz Carpet can also be laid directly over existing tiles.

What happens if I need to repair my Quartz Carpet? Will you see to the repair?

Quartz Carpet can be repaired by an applicator. Please insist that your installer leaves a few square metres of attic/extra stock on site. Repairs done at a later stage may be visible.