Patterned Floor Example 1Floor patterns, logos and designs completed in Quartz Carpet can enhance the look of any room. However, most of us are stuck with the boring square concept of tile grids on our floors. What we do not realise is that there is a myriad of great floor patterns and designs which can jazz up your space without it having to hit your budget too much.

Patterned designer floors are always an option when it comes to the remodelling of any house, building or feature corporate reception area. Floor patterns seem to have prevailed through the ages and across different cultures. Since floors are the largest area of any room, it is natural that the design, logo or pattern on the floor invokes a sense of order, depth and vitality to the room.

“Corporate floor logos or motifs are another specialised and growing side of our business,” says Jeremy Stewart, owner of Seamless Flooring Systems. “Often when we apply Quartz Carpet to corporate, retail or hospitality industry floors we are asked to install the client’s corporate logo into the floor at their entrance. It makes such a statement as it really reinforces the brand awareness right up front and upon leaving,” says Stewart.

Patterned Floor Example 1
Interior designers look for inspiration for floor patterns in architecture, textiles and even quilt designs. However, there are certain simple rules that guide the choice of patterns on a floor. A tightly focused pattern in lighter shades makes a room look larger. A strong large pattern can make a room appear quite
small but large patterns in vivid colours can take your mind off the ‘boxiness’ of a room.

When choosing the floor colours, it is vital to consider the colours of the main area, because a dark floor creates an illusion of a higher ceiling. Elements such as the architecture of the room also determine the appropriateness of a floor pattern.

Recently Quartz Carpet installed 2 500 m2 of patterned floors for the Multichoice Customer Care Centre in Johannesburg, the reception of the IDC Headquarters in Sandton, and the incredible design detail at the Government-sponsored Donkin Project in Port Elizabeth.

With Quartz Carpet there is unlimited design potential… let yourself go!

Download the PDF as it appeared in Floors Magazine, Jan/Feb 2011.