Tell us about some of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on recently.
From a prestige point of view, I guess the extensive flooring to the R200-million Industrial Development Council (IDC) project in Sandton tops the list. Also in Sandton was the large external flooring upgrade to the five-star Sandton Sun hotel. From a fun perspective, I would say the floors for the new hit morning TV show, Expresso – with presenters Michael Mol and Liezel van der Westhuizen – features tops there!

What’s the latest and greatest in flooring technology and innovation?
In November we’re launching a brand-new, revolutionary, low-cost seamless flooring system into the market that is entirely unique and never
seen before in SA. It comes in a range of earthy, natural tones and will be launched exclusively through the Freeworld Coatings- owned company, Midas Earthcote. Also, we are the only seamless stone flooring company in SA that installs 100% UV-stable and non-yellowing external floors, and even offer a five-year warrantee against yellowing.

What advice would you give readers who are tempted to turn flooring their home into a DIY job?
Contact the well-established and proven professional flooring companies for honest advice, and beware of imitations. You have been warned … ‘Goedkoop is duurkoop’! It is vital that the client asks the right questions and, unfortunately, as in any industry, there are always going to be installers with no track record who use low-cost imitation floors and cheap, inferior components and give the industry a bad name. These products will always fail over time, so thorough research is vital. Unfortunately, there is no flooring body in SA at present to monitor these unscrupulous companies.

Tell us about some of your bestsellers.
I believe our new low-cost seamless flooring system is going to cause huge ripples in the flooring industry. It is applied fully installed from R400/m2 plus VAT and comes with a five-year product warrantee. Our standard Quartz Carpet floors can be fully installed in a day. Our new polyurethane external flooring system has also just been launched and is taking off nicely.

Article as it appears in TPM-Nov-2010-Flooring-feature (November 2010)